We are in a world where everyone has easy access to sin—its right in their hands in the form of Pornography. Let me share a story about my friend Nancy.

One afternoon while we were talking Nancy told me that she was struggling. She wasn’t being specific, but just generally mentioning a weakness she had. When I realized she wanted to share I asked what it was, specifically, that she was struggling with. With guilt & shame she told me that she was addicted to porn & masturbation. I listened to her carefully, asking about how and when this started for her. I appreciated her honest answers. After listening, I assured her that I could walk along with her to come out of this addiction if she would agree to be accountable to me moving forward. She agreed, and I lead her into prayer. Together we asked the Lord for forgiveness and she repented from her sin.

From that point on she continued to be accountable to me. We minimized her access to Internet and installed porn filters like K-9 & Covenant Eyes onto her devices. I would receive alerts if she tried to break the rules. I encouraged her to resist temptation by submitting to God and we would pray on the phone. We met every week, personally, to talk about her progress and struggles. She maintained a journal every day and spent quality time with the Lord on a daily basis. She was aware of God’s presence every moment. In a few months she was totally free from the Porn addiction.

It’s important as believers to reach out to a person who is struggling and in bondage to porn. You can be a help to your friend or relative, prayerfully. These are a few guidelines to help others.



1. Tell them that they are victims of Satan’s plan, But God has beautiful and holy plan for them. Give them hope.

2. Do not condemn them, have compassion of Lord & guidance from Holy Spirit to help porn addicted person. Jesus forgiven adulterous woman and said where are your accusers now?

3. It must be same gender to counsel or help the victim. Maintain confidentiality. God trusted you and sent the person for help.

4. Tell them how does it effects their whole being (Check our site porn effects)

5. Let the person have accountability to you about their addiction until they are free from it.

6. Its very important to confess their sin before Lord and ask Him for forgiveness. You can agree with the prayer.

7. Breaking ungodly soul ties is very important, renounce & caste out all the names or talks/chats they did with the person online.

8. Keep away all the gadgets and give very less access to Internet. On phones its important to not have internet. Install porn free filters and advertisements. Like K-9 or Covenant eyes.

9. Encourage them to have personal time with Lord every day with proclamations and declarations of bible verses. Point them to Lord. Mentor them to be holy people. (Please find the links in our website prayer for purity.)

10. Some people come out very soon but for some it takes time. Be patient with them.

11. Your Intercession - Standing in the gap for them makes huge difference in their lives.

12. It’s important to keep the freedom in life continually. Once enemy leaves he tries to come back again to see if he has any hold on the person and if he finds the sin is still there he will bring few more with him. The situation of the person will become worst than before.